Indian government wasting Rs 1.75 crore annually of tax payer money to reduce income of obc engineer to zero

In an open case of discrimination and atrocities, since 2010, the indian government has been wasting Rs 1.75 crore or more of indian tax payer money annually to reduce the income of a harmless single woman obc engineer to zero, to allegedly increase the profit of google, tata and other internet companies. Just because some powerful government employees have been making completely fake allegations without any proof at all against the engineer for 7 years, the indian government is wasting tax payer money trying to find non existent proof.
It is a clear case of incompetence, inefficiency and carelessness that government employees in cbi, ntro, security agencies are allowed to make completely fake allegations which are a figment of their imagination, and the indian government blindly believes the complete lies of their employees . No one is questioning the cbi, ntro, security agency employees, why they are making the fake allegations against a harmless innocent indian citizen, why they are not able to provide any proof after wasting tax payer money for 7 years to put the innocent engineer under surveillance,
Why is no one reviewing the decision, realizing that the main motivation for slander are the stolen leads and orders, theft of resume, retirement savings, correspondence.

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