Smile makeovers

Most people associate dental treatments with pain and try to postpone going to the dentist until it is too late, which offer aggravates their problem. However, Dr Kourosh Maddahi ensures that a visit to his office is such a pleasant experience that his patients look forward to their next treatment. The Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry services offered by him include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and dental implants,so that his patients can get the near perfect smile they want.

Unlike many dentists who try to finish attending to a patient as soon as possible, so that they can attend to the maximum number of patients, every effort is made to make a patient to Dr Maddahi’s dental clinic comfortable. All questions asked by the patient are answered and all the treatment options are explained in detail, so that the patient can choose the most suitable option after considering the time and budgetary constraints. To reduce the pain, the latest technology dental equipment which uses air instead of metal is used for drilling. Patients can check the progress they make using mini cameras.

Both Dr Maddahi and his staff undertake refresher courses every year, so that the latest dental techniques can be used for treating his patients. These methods have been featured both on TV shows as well as news stories in local newspapers.

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