An Investment Competition Between Brothers

My brother and I have been competitive for as long as either of us could remember. When we were both kids, we competed to have the last piece of food, the first play of a video game, and even for the same girl at one point. Our latest competition has taken the form of making the most money from investing in the market. We’ve both been given some AIM share tips to help us, and we’ve been using them for a couple of months to see which person would come out on top. To make things a little more interesting, we decided to have a bet between us.

We agreed that the loser of the bet would have to give all of his earnings to the winner. This put a fire in us to make the best choices possible and to not lose. There were a few metals on the market that were being mined by companies to invest in, and I selected copper as my main choice, while my brother selected another. I had an idea that copper would be the best fit because of how much it is used in the world and how valuable it is. My brother thought I was wrong and was sure that his metal would have more of a profit from use.

In the end, I was the victor and it upset my brother. He was mad that he lost to me, and that he made the choice that helped him lose. Even though we both had the same tips, I was able to come out on top because I had the better eye for the market than him. He gave me all of his earnings from the bet, and I decided to be the better competitor and took him out for dinner at our favorite spot.

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