Donations are a form of extortion by young people in panaji, goa

The broke domain investor, google competitor does not have money for expensive clothes, and is often wearing her old clothes repeatedly for many years. Yet continuing the trend of cheating and exploitation started by the mhow cheater puneet, the local intelligence and security agencies consider her a never ending source of funds, demanding bribes directly or indirectly in the form of donations

On 13 July 2018, the google competitor received an sms asking for a donation of Rs 2000 for jerseys for a football match. Due to the corruption, identity theft fraud of the local intelligence and security agencies, the google competitor is already broke, yet there is no limit to their greed, and they are asking for more money.

The smses are usually blocked by the raw/cbi employees, yet in this case, it was forwarded indicating the never ending greed of the goan officials and their associates who have already ruthlessly looted the broke domain investor to get bribes, jobs for their relatives and friends . The raw/cbi employees may have a deal with the sms sender that they will get some money, if the sms donation request succeeds .

Most of those asking for donations are travelling in expensive vehicles, wearing expensive clothes, yet they want others money to purchase new clothes for themselves, and in this case these greedy people want the money from the broke domain investor, who does not have any vehicle, and is wearing very old clothes,

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