Online survey tools

Most successful companies pay close attention to the customer feedback both for development of new products as well as improvement of existing products and services. However, collecting and collating the feedback can be a time consuming and expensive task, especially if it involves door to door surveys and manually form filling, which is still the most common mode of data collection in some countries. However, with the increased usage of internet in many countries, it is possible to get easily get feedback from one or more consumers using an online survey.

The advantage of using an online survey software is that it is possible to monitor the response to the survey in real time. Compared to offline surveys, the cost of distributing the surveys by email is minimal. You can track the number of responses, percentage of surveys taken and also send a reminder to those who have not yet taken the survey. The survey tool can be easily deployed using an easy to understand wizard based interface. There are several features available that allow the survey to be customized for a particular user and set up work flow alerts. Since the results are available in real time, they can be customized to generate specific  reports and analyze the data. The surveys can be seamlessly integrated with the existing application for greater functionality.

Though customer satisfaction surveys are most widely used in an organization, surveys are used for getting both internal and external feedback. Some of the applications for which these surveys are used include employee surveys, vendor surveys, market research.  Manually creating survey can be time consuming, but using the software you can easily create a relevant survey in a short span of time. Since the survey is entirely web based, no additional integration on your server is required. More than 100 survey design templates are available. The results can be exported to CSV, Excel and PowerPoint as required for further work. A full featured 30 day free trial is available to prospective customers.