Salvation Army

The Salvation army helps a large number of people in the United States with rent, power bills, food, Christmas gifts. In case of natural disasters like hurricanes or floods, the Salvation Army is usually the first organization to provide assistance to the affected people.

The Salvation Army usually has a local office in most town or cities. The address is usually available in the local yellow pages. If you cannot find it, you can go to the United Way who are the connecting place for a lot of community organizations

Like any other non profit organization formed to help the community, they have expenses and they should have adequate funds to pay them off. With increasing prices, suppliers and service providers are no longer willing to sell products and provide services for free.

They raise funds by taking in donations from people who wish to help the Salvation Army and sell these to interested buyers. The prices they get for the donated goods may be lower than the market rate, but are often adequate. The funds are used for making payroll, utilities, rent payments and to keep the food pantry going.