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Payment processing solutions

Carrying cash is risky and most buyers do not have enough cash with them to make down payments for large purchases. If the retailer or merchant does not accept alternate payment methods, he or she may lose a customer, as the customer may go to a competitor who has a higher price offering the payment method preferred by the customer.

Many small businesses hesitate to even apply for the various electronic payment due to a number of reasons, which are often misconceptions. They think that the initial setup fee will be high and the systems will be too complex for a small retailer or business to handle. However, the additional profits and sales generated by incorporating additional payment processing solutions from Prodigy Payment Systems usually offsets the nominal costs involved.

The retail merchant account from Prodigy Payment Systems have been developed for groceries, automotive repair shops, mobile shops, hotels, restaurants, small offices and can be customized for almost every application. In addition to credit, the merchant can accept payment by debit cards, checks and electronic benefits transfer. Many customers today prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes and E-commerce solutions can increase sales by a third. A number of measures to prevent fraud, like age verification. Depending on the budget , the merchant can use the existing equipment available or upgrade it. Lease finance options are available.

Prodigy Payment Systems offers payment processing solutions which have low transaction rates with protection against fraud and charge backs and supported by responsive customer service. In addition to retail merchant solutions, Credit Card payment processing,Debit Card Processing, Check Processing, Conversion and Guarantee , Gift Cards and Reward Cards, Wireless and Portable Payment Processing solutions from Prodigy Payment Systems offer the customer convenience for which he or she will be ready to pay a premium.

Web conferencing to save money

Till a few decades ago, most business decision were made after the buyer and seller met in person, but with widespread use of the internet, it is now possible for company to serve customers in any part of the world. Both big and small companies can save a substantial amount on  travel costs like flight tickets and hotel bookings by using the affordable video conference facilities offered by many companies.

Unlike conventional phone calls, where only two persons can speak at a time, audio conferencing allows many people who may be in very different countries to participate in a discussion simultaneously. Depending on the number of people involved , features needed and budgets companies can choose from a basic package which allows polling, streaming, web conference and participant list to a advanced High Touch Teleconferencing system with a full time operator, international toll free , transcription and a web based conference viewer.

A number of people can collaborate on different activities using web conferencing. The software is entirely web based, and no software has to be installed on the computer. The application is customizable , and automatically upgraded to the latest version. There can be multiple presenters in a single web conference. Participants can share an application or document in ms word, Excel or PowerPoint, without having to download any software. They can also participate in a poll and ask questions.

Website builder

Till a few years ago, any business needing a website had to first find a reliable web designer, since it knowledge of programming languages like PERL or PHP was needed for coding even medium sized websites. Not only was this process expensive, but also time consuming as the business had provide details to the web designer, who would complete a website and then again modify it based on the feedback received. Also if even minor changes were to be made to the website, the business would have to contact the web designer and this would lead to delays.

By using a website builder, anyone with even basic computer and internet knowledge can design a website for a business. No software has to be downloaded, the website can be designed online. A free 10 day trial is available, and no credit card information has to be provided to avail of this offer. Hosting and site statistics are included with all the packages. You can create your own website using the different plans available both for ecommerce and informational websites depending on your requirement.

By selling online, small businesses can both reduce their overheads and increase the market for their products. Hiring a web designer can be expensive, since these stores are complex and frequent changes have to be made to reflect the inventory available. By using the Ecommerce web design site builder, any small business can easily build and modify their ecommerce store.

Software for non profit agencies

People donate their money to non profit organizations so it benefits the cause they are interested in. They spend a lot of time researching the various charities and their track records before taking a decision. One of the key considerations in rating a charity is the ratio of the administrative expenses to the total funds raised. If a large percentage of the funds are used for just the organizational expenses of the non profit, it might find it difficult to raise funds  in the future. So it important to use a suitable Nonprofit Fund Accounting Software to accurately track the funds available and expenses and take appropriate decisions.

Non-profit agencies get a large proportion of their funds from their donors and it is important to use a Fund Raising software which can help them manage the entire fund raising process, from sending mailers to their donors to analyzing the results of an advertising campaign. Depending on the size of the organization, the non-profit can choose the Sage 50, Sage 100 or Kintera Sphere  On Line Solution.

Most accounting software available are developed for commercial entities whose goals differ very significantly from those of non-profit organizations. By using a fund accounting software developed for non-profits, the organization can closely track expenses and take appropriate measures. Sage MIP Fund Accounting, FundWare and Microsoft Serenic Navigator are some of the accounting software available.

Sabbatical or forced leave?

Today I read the news that a large IT service provider was offering a sabbatical with 50% salary to its employees.  Seems the recession has starting hurting and companies with large fixed overheads like the IT companies will be worst affected.  These companies were sitting on millions of dollars in cash. If only they had taken a little risk and tried to develop a product, instead of  being satisfied with the interest on the cash, they would have been in a better position today.

Shopping cart software

Most online retailers sell physical goods have little knowledge of web design and have to rely on the services of an web designer to design and maintain their online store. Very often there are changes in the inventory of products available or their prices and communicating with the web designer can be a time consuming process. By using Americommerce, a specialized shopping cart software for online stores , retailers can easily sell their products online.

In addition to providing the shopping cart software, Americommerce also provides hosting and domain registration, so that the retailer does not have to co-ordinate with multiple agencies. The storefront building tools are comprehensive and include an automatic setup wizard which allows the user to set up a storefront by answering a few questions. No HTML knowledge is required to create a professional looking ecommerce website. The software allows the user to  easily transfer an existing web design and import product information from a CSV file.

Based on the volume of business expected, the online retailer can select one of the four plans available – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. While a transaction fee of 1.5% is charged for Bronze plan, there is no transaction fee for all other plans. The number of products that can be listed varies from 100 for the Bronze plan to 50,000 for the Platinum plan. A free 14 day trial is available for all the plans.