Getting My Very Own Apartment

When a friend and I moved into an apartment a few years ago as roommates, it was only supposed to be for a short period of time. We both decided that it was working for us though, so we saved money by continuing to live together. When she got engaged and then married, I had a choice to make. I could either continue living in the same apartment, or I could find another one. My sister sent me an email that simply said to click here for more information, so I clicked on the link and was taken to a site that told me about Heron Walk apartments. Continue reading “Getting My Very Own Apartment”

Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do

The day I lost my home was one of the worst days in my life. I fell on some hard times, and I couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage for my home any longer. I was out of options and scared of what would happen next. I learned that I could try to do short sales in NYC and it help me pay off the money that I didn’t have. After doing some research on short sales, I performed one, and move out of my home and into my brother’s apartment. I miss living in that home, but at least the short sale prevented me from foreclosing.

For a while, I felt depressed after losing my home. I couldn’t eat or sleep, and all I could think about was the home. I became determined to get my home back by any means necessary. Continue reading “Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do”