The World Of Virgin Hair Extensions and Peruvian Curly Hair Weave

Chinese hair extensions are the easiest to find, and therefore the cheapest option. However, Chinese hair is too coarse and thick to look natural as extensions in Caucasian hair. Its rigid structure requires the hair to be chemically treated before it can be used.

After the treatment, it is left with a rough structure that lacks shine, so it must be coated with silicone to look more appealing. This coating unfortunately washes off after a few washes, leaving the hair dull looking from then on. Due to this fact, it doesn’t dye well, and the color is not long-lasting. The extensions made from this type are typically not very durable.

Indian hair (sometimes used as a synonym for Remy or Remi) presents an option that will give you a good value for money. Natural, non-processed Indian hair is perfect for extensions. Found in a variety of styles – thick, fine, medium, straight, wavy or curly – this hair is healthy-looking, fine and shiny, similar in structure to the Peruvian curly hair weave. It can be styled and dyed without damage, it’s easy to care for, and long-lasting.

“Virgin” hair is the one that was sourced from Indian Hindu temples in virgin conditions – that is, it has not been chemically treated, bleached or dyed. Women in southern regions of India trade it in temples for a token of good luck. Indian temple hair is healthy, strong, thick, naturally of black color. Sometimes this hair is bleached and then dyed a different color, but this process weakens the hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Again, silicone is used to coat the hair, make it shiny, and hide the damage. Long, virgin hair is the most sought after, and the most expensive type of Indian hair.

European hair is hard to come by, and represents the most expensive option. This type is fine, soft and strong. However, since Europe is ethnically a very diverse place, so the hair from various countries differs. Russian hair is often considered the highest quality because it is typically very soft and fine, and not treated chemically.
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