Natural handmade soaps

Most commercially available soaps from major brands are made from chemicals and though they may clean the skin in the short term, they can have adverse effects in the long term. Using handmade soap from natural ingredients not only prevents this damage, often it has a healing effect and heals the skin. They also make a cherished gift to be given on special occasions.

Natural soap uses a combination of essential oils, herbal extracts and organic products and many types of these soaps are available in a variety of fragrances and colors at Best Bath Store. They can be conveniently ordered online after checking the raw materials used, color and fragrance. The shopper can also check the reviews from the different buyers, who rate each organic handmade soap on different criteria such as value, fragrance, and whether the product was effective and their personal recommendation , before taking a decision.

Depending on the preferences, a buyer can purchase natural organic handmade soaps of different types like Acne facial bar, Cocoa Butter Body Bar, Dead Sea Body Bar, Lemon-Lime Body Bar , Shea Butter Body Bar , Vanilla Bean Body Bar. A 3.5 oz bar of handmade soap costs $5.95 and is available in a variety of fragrance and designs. Free shipping is available for orders of value more than $69. Shoppers can request free samples before making a purchase decision.

Disability insurance for professionals

Health is wealth and this age old saying is particularly true for highly paid professionals who income is directly proportional to their physical presence at the workplace. Lawyers, doctors , dentists and similar highly skilled and trained professionals with an annual income of more than $100,000 can find their lifestyle disrupted when they meet an unexpected accident or fall sick suddenly. By purchasing disability insurance, these professionals can ensure that their income is protected even when they can no longer work.

The income of a physician is usually directly proportionate to the his or her skill level and theĀ  number of patients treated. One of most economical physician disability insurance is the graded premium disability insurance plan for doctors, where they have to pay a lower annual premium at the beginning of their career as their income is less. As their qualifications and skill levels improve, their income increases and the premium paid also increases proportionately.

While the premium paid is important, there are other factors to be considered while evaluating the disability insurance quotes from different insurance providers. These include whether they allow an “own occupation” definition of disability, they are non cancelable, offer residual coverage and if premium to be paid can be revised upward.

Smile makeovers

Most people associate dental treatments with pain and try to postpone going to the dentist until it is too late, which offer aggravates their problem. However, Dr Kourosh Maddahi ensures that a visit to his office is such a pleasant experience that his patients look forward to their next treatment. The Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry services offered by him include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and dental implants,so that his patients can get the near perfect smile they want.

Unlike many dentists who try to finish attending to a patient as soon as possible, so that they can attend to the maximum number of patients, every effort is made to make a patient to Dr Maddahi’s dental clinic comfortable. All questions asked by the patient are answered and all the treatment options are explained in detail, so that the patient can choose the most suitable option after considering the time and budgetary constraints. To reduce the pain, the latest technology dental equipment which uses air instead of metal is used for drilling. Patients can check the progress they make using mini cameras.

Both Dr Maddahi and his staff undertake refresher courses every year, so that the latest dental techniques can be used for treating his patients. These methods have been featured both on TV shows as well as news stories in local newspapers.

Ergonomic office equipment

Till a few centuries ago, human beings spent most of their time outside their dwelling either farming or hunting and the human body have evolved to function optimally for these activities. However, in the last few decades, with increasing industrialization and developments in technology, most people spend a large part of their working life doing sedentary work in offices. This causes a lot of strain of the various joints and muscles in the body and can even cause permanent damage if remedial action is not taken.

By using office supplies like furniture, computer equipment and accessories which are specially designed for the long hours spent in the office, businesses can increase the productivity of their workers. Online stores like carry a wide range of ergonomic equipment like keyboards, mice, rests, seating, trays and standing, workstations, monitor accessories, lighting from a variety of manufacturers including 3M, Logitech, Microsoft, Ergodex, IBM, Ergotron, Infogrip, Jabra, Kensignton.

A malfunctioning computer mouse can cause Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), which makes it difficult to even use the affected arm. So it is important to use ergonomic computer mice which support a natural wrist and arm position over a long period of time. The price of these mice varies from $45 for the Microsoft Optical Intellimouse to $179 for the Bili Footime Foot mouse which allows a person to use a computer using his feet.

Prescription medicines

Many pharmaceutical companies have developed medicines for lifestyle problems and since these areĀ  not critical, the subsidised health care system does not provide these medicines. So a person interested in buying these medicines has to go to general practitioner (GP) or other qualified doctor to get a prescription. This can be very inconvenient due to the hectic lifestyle which people lead. The Online Clinic Limited is a UK based healthcare provider, which prescribes a wide variety of prescription medicine after the buyer receives a free medical consultation online.

Most people wish to lose weight for aesthetic reasons , but maintaining a healthy weight can stave off a number of ailments like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Though a number of herbal medicines and products like green tea are available, these are not clinically tested for safety and effectiveness. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and an adequate amount of exercise, clinically tested slimming pills like Xenical, Reductil and Accomplia have been effective in helping individuals lose weight. However, these slimming pills have side effects, so it is advisable to take a free consultation before purchasing online.

Baldness is caused by the production of dihydratestosterone, which inhibits the growth of hair on the scalp. Propecia is a prescription medicine which has clinically tested for its effectiveness in preventing further hair loss. The active ingredient in Propecia is Type II 5 alpha reductase inhibitor which stops the production of dihydratestosterone. Due to the hair growth cycle, the effects Propecia are visible after a period of 3 to 6 months. Cialis is another prescription drug which can be ordered online. It is manufactured by Lilly ICOS.

Drug treatment center

Drug addiction is a major problem in the United States and government studies show that more than 15 million Americans use illegal substances every month. This not only affects their physical health, but also makes it difficult for them to perform their professional duties, hold a job and lead a normal life. Unless an individual realizes the gravity of the situation and tries to rectify it by getting admitted to a drug treatment center, the problems worsens over a period of time and at time results in death.

To completely recover and lead a normal life,in addition to drug addiction, other disorders like alcoholism, eating disorders and depression also have to be considered. For drug treatment the trained staff which includes medical experts, will examine the mental and physical health of the addict and prescribe a course which will lead to complete recovery in the shortest time.

If drug rehabilitation is to be successful, it has to address both the physical and psychological aspects of the addictions. Over a period of time, the body of the addict becomes habituated to the drugs and when these substances are no longer available, the body shows withdrawal symptoms. Medical assistance is necessary to ensure that there is minimal damage in the process, and the drugs are gradually substituted by natural substances. The trained staff also help the patient to develop the skills and self esteem so that he no longer needs to resort to drugs for relief even after leaving the rehab.